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    Emergency Lighting & Exit Sign Checklist Inspection Form

    Picture it.  The power goes out and because your emergency lights aren’t working, your employees are plunged into complete darkness.  Not only would that be a scary situation for the workforce, but if your company operates a workplace with dangerous equipment or processes, this could be a very deadly situation.

    Let’s face it, power outages are a pain but every company experiences them from time to time.  While power outages can be somewhat anticipated during certain situations like during severe weather, they really can’t be predicted.  This is why OSHA requires employers to have adequate emergency lighting and exit signage that will guide employees to safety when the lights go out.

    Because most modern emergency lights and exit signs have a battery backup which is what provides power when the electricity goes out, people often make the mistake of taking it for granted that the lights and signs will work during an emergency.  After all, the batteries haven’t been used very often so they should still work, right?

    Emergency Lighting Checklist Template

    If you struggle with maintaining your emergency lighting and exit sign inspections or aren’t sure what the inspection requirements are, look no further than our Emergency Lighting & Exit Sign Inspection Template which includes the requirements for both monthly and annual inspections on one form.

    Don’t wait for an emergency to find out your emergency lighting and exit signs don’t operate the way they need to.  Let us help you get things under control and on the right path so you can feel more confident knowing that if the power does go out, your employees will be able to see to find their way to an exit to safely evacuate the workplace.

    Download the Template