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    Fire Extinguisher Inventory Spreadsheet

    With all the other things you have to manage in the workplace, making sure you know how many fire extinguishers you have, what type they are, and where each one is located is probably way down on your priority list.

    Benefits of a Fire Extinguisher Inventory Log Spreadsheet

    That is until someone finds an extinguisher somewhere and since you don’t have an inventory telling you where each one is located, you now have to go through your entire facility looking for the one that’s missing because the last thing you want is for someone to need a fire extinguisher and not have one, right?

    Maintaining an inventory of fire extinguishers is the first step to an organized, compliant life safety program.  Having an inventory also helps determine things like the type of spare parts to have on hand, what type of spare extinguishers you might need and if OSHA ever shows up to do an inspection, you can easily provide evidence of how many fire extinguishers you have at your facility—and where each one is located. 

    Not sure where to start?  We can help!  Download our Fire Extinguisher Inventory Spreadsheet and start down the path of having an organized life safety program!

    Download the Template