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    How the Retail Industry Can Improve Safety and Security Processes

    In the retail industry, loss prevention can refer to inventory or people. But the bottom line is the same. Loss prevention as a whole is the establishment of policies or procedures to prevent the unwanted costs associated with lost assets. Learn more about the different preventive measures you can take to secure your assets.

    There are plenty of risks—in both retail stores and distribution centers—that need to be carefully evaluated. The retail industry has a lot of diverse and physical demands for its employees. When safety incidents occur on the job, the resulting fallout travels well beyond the employees and facility involved.

    The first step to any successful EHS program is recognizing the value and importance of audits and inspections. It’s not something you should take likely, as your findings can be used to strengthen the EHS impact of your company. Find out about the benefits of including audits and inspections in your program.

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