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    Improving Your Lockout Training

    In a training rut?  We know it can be challenging to find ways of making safety training interesting and memorable, especially when it’s a topic like lockout/tagout (LOTO).

    We’ve got ideas to help you out of that rut. Having a robust lockout/tagout program that includes a well-rounded training program is the best way to help keep your employees safe while performing maintenance tasks on equipment. If you haven’t invested in lockout/tagout training at all or if your LOTO training is a bit lackluster, then it’s time to invest in this training.

    When equipment or machinery breaks down or needs to be serviced, it usually means an employee must interact with the parts of the equipment inside the “danger zone” in order to fix the problem. Any time this occurs, the employee is at risk of being injured or killed unless the energy is controlled. This is where the importance of LOTO training comes in.

    Access the webinar to learn about:

    • Lockout/Tagout training requirements
    • Places to find good training content
    • Suggestions for creating a more engaging training session including simple and affordable ways to make training interactive
    • Adding a hands-on aspect to your lockout training

    Access the Webinar