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    Handle Management of Change (MoC) with EHS Insight

    Workplace changes can be difficult to manage, especially with ineffective systems or processes for doing so. In fact, research from McKinsey & Company indicates that at least 70% of programs designed to manage change in the workplace fail due to a lack of management support and employee pushback. When managed poorly, even the most positive changes can result in a negative outcome.

    EHS Insight’s Management of Change module offers a better way to help companies successfully manage their workplace changes. With our simple design, users can quickly and efficiently document, communicate and track workplace changes to help ensure successful implementations.

    EHS Insight MoC helps establish more consistency in the change process, increases participation and worker buy-in, tracks ability to ensure timely completion and ensures new hazards aren’t introduced. Our approach to managing workplace change isn’t overly complicated. We believe that change management programs should be easy to set up and provide enough features to be effective without being overwhelming—and they shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to implement.

    At EHS Insight, we know that successfully implemented changes include several key elements: planning & documentation, hazard identification, communication and follow up & review. That’s why we designed Management of Change around these general concepts.

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