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    Make Your Training Program More Powerful with Skills Management

    You’re already using EHS Insight’s Training Management Module to more efficiently and effectively deliver and manage your company’s training program and so far, it’s improved things for everyone.

    At first, there were a few people who were skeptical about using software to manage training but once they saw how easy the software was to use and realized they weren’t going to have to fumble around with DVDs, PPT presentations or paper quizzes and sign in sheets anymore, they were sold!

    Now that everyone has gotten used to managing the training program electronically, you’d really like to kick it up a notch by introducing a way to add skills management to the process. From experience you know that when employees are required to participate in skills assessments as part of a training course, it improves overall retention and provides a vehicle for ensuring the training has been comprehended.

    EHS Insight Skills Management Features

    • Enable employees to easily access & request skill assessments with the My Skills Dashboard
    • Eliminate the need for spreadsheets to track skills
    • Complete assessments electronically with the mobile app
    • Identify knowledge gaps and areas of non-compliance
    • Easily track licenses, certifications & other credentials

    Download the Solution Brief