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    The Ultimate Training Software Checklist for Safety Trainers

    As a safety trainer, your entire job’s success depends on your ability to keep your team safe on the job. From ensuring employees complete the required training to taking the initiative to offer additional safety or compliance training to struggling workers, your company’s reputation partly rests on how effectively you do your job.

    Investing in safety training software can help trainers and leadership teams better manage the training and compliance activities of an organization. But knowing which one will best meet your needs isn’t always so obvious.

    Use this checklist to ensure you’re making the best purchasing decision for your unique situation.

    • The interface is mostly intuitive and does not require an extended onboarding period to learn how to use it effectively.
    • Users can easily locate documents and data stored within the system without extensive searching efforts.
    • The software allows for two-way communication between yourself and employees to answer questions and provide guidance.
    • The software features a customizable interface, including the ability to set up unique dashboards based on job title and upload your own content.
    • The software can facilitate feedback surveys and other data collection methods directly from your employees.
    • Safety trainers can plan and implement single courses or entire curricula and reward employees with certificates of completion
    • The software can help promote and support your organization’s safety culture.

    Download the Checklist