After an impromptu visit from OSHA yielded several citations and a few hefty penalties for failing to provide training as required by various regulatory standards, your company decided it was time to hire a Training Coordinator—and you got the job!

Your first order of business is to look for a training matrix to find out what training is provided, to whom and when, but you soon realize that it doesn’t exist. From what you can tell, whether an employee receives training or not really depends on who their supervisor or manager is and even then, the training being given is sometimes just reading a policy out loud or includes seriously outdated content. You also notice that very little training includes a means to verify comprehension, like a quiz or hands on portion.

Your next step is to review any available training records to see what’s been done in the past. You’re given a key to a storage room where the training records are kept and what you find in that room are floor to ceiling boxes all labeled with the words “training records” and a year. You peek inside a partially opened box to find stacks of paperwork tossed inside without any labeling or organization.

The Site Manager stops by later in the day to ask how you’re doing and to see what you’ve found so far. You give him the rundown and suggest the addition of software to help manage the training program and to improve participation. Much to your surprise, the Site Manager is in agreement and says that if you can find reasonably priced software that will streamline things and improve participation, that he will certainly consider it. Now, if you could just find something that fits the bill.

Welcome to EHS Insight's Training Management Module

If you’re ready to whip that training program into shape without spending a fortune, look no further than EHS Insight’s Training Management module. With this module, you’ll be able to retire that massive spreadsheet you spend hours every month updating and that you’re also constantly worried about deleting or losing if the hard drive fails.

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