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    May 10, 2017

    Finding the Cure to Pharmaceutical Safety Issues

    The pharmaceutical industry exists to provide relief, alleviations, and, some may say, “miracle drugs” for various health issues, but the remedy to cure life-dependent safety issues remains elusive to many pharmaceutical companies.

    The Common Ailments of Pharmaceutical Safety

    Like any manufacturing industry, pharmaceuticals are subjected to compliance and quality standards of its products, work environments, and employees. But pharma must also consider its broad-scale impact on both the environment and the health of the people it serves.

    With these additional considerations, pharma’s unique health and safety needs are diverse and fragmented, which makes a cohesive EHS strategy cumbersome to manage. Common EHS ailments include:

    • Hygiene requirements, such as attire, restricted access to areas, and aseptic processes
    • Equipment training and safety handling
    • Chemical handling and exposure
    • Risk management, such as that of employees
    • Product testing and experimentation

    In addition, managers and officials must monitor safe waste disposal to limit the company’s footprint on the environment. This often means involving a third party, and thus a new layer of EHS complexity.

    Finding the Miracle Drug for Pharmaceutical Safety Issues

    So how can the pharma industry develop a strategy to alleviate its own aches and pains?

    Despite the fragmentation and varied needs of pharma environmental health and safety, safety software could provide a single dose of alleviation.

    One central hub to manage EHS-related activities helps ensure a standardized management system. Features like a central information database for all employees to access, EHS standards and compliance schedules, training modules (see training tracking software), reporting, and mobile access can help managers and other officials monitor and log activity in real time to help simplify operations.

    Safety automation geared specifically toward the unique challenges in the pharma industry isn’t an elusive cure-all miracle drug – it does exist. EHS software could be the health boost your EHS department needs to heal from its most common ailments.

    To learn more about how you can effectively manage your EHS program, visit Biotech & Pharma Industry EHS Software.