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    September 14, 2017

    EHS Challenges for the Technology Industry

    As a technology solutions provider, health and security concerns to your equipment and users are paramount. But Trojan horses and malware shouldn’t be your only focus when it comes to maintaining a steady pulse in your organization. The people behind the machines are susceptible to health and safety hazards throughout your building, and keeping them safe should be a top priority.

    The Unique EHS Challenges for the Technology Industry

    The tech industry faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to compliance. Not only do organizations have to maintain digital safety standards, but they must also ensure their human workforce is following safety procedures outside of the digital space.

    Being in front of a computer all day may not seem like a hazardous job, especially when compared to manufacturing and machinery jobs. But that doesn’t mean it’s danger-free. From workspace ergonomics to eye-damaging computer screens to trip hazards from networking cables, there’s no shortage of factors that could limit your employees’ performance.

    Add in a company merger, rapid technology innovations, and changing industry regulations, EHS departments in tech companies face a myriad of challenges that can complicate their health and safety practices.

    How Software is Reshaping EHS Success for Technology Companies

    Despite these unique challenges, tech companies also have a unique advantage to better manage their EHS programs and activities, and it starts with what they already excel at: using software.

    There’s been an uptick in tech companies looking to use EHS software to manage and monitor their EHS department to gauge participation, collect and share data, and make improvements. Some companies have begun using software to perform audits and inspections across their various locations to assess how employees are managing health and safety risks. Others have created searchable databases on how to properly handle chemicals, spills, and other hazards.

    The opportunities are infinite. With the right EHS software, you can leverage a single platform for disaster and emergency planning, prevention, response, and recovery that can engage employees at every level of the company. Include ongoing employee training (see training tracking software), mandatory engagement, and ongoing communications, and you’ll have the stage set to make your EHS program effective.

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