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    November 4, 2020

    Health and Safety Websites Your Company Needs to Know About

    We all take health and safety in the workplace seriously, which is why we should be willing to use every resource possible. You never want to experience a workplace accident and think that there was something more you could have done to prevent it.

    It may sound simple, but a health & safety website can be a great resource for information and advice. On some sites, you’ll be able to double-check regulations so you can meet compliance standards. On other sites, perhaps you’ll find some tips to improve worker safety that you never thought of before. The bottom line is that a lot of good can come out of checking in regularly with a health & safety website, so here are a few that managers and supervisors should have bookmarked.


    This is an obvious health & safety website to check regularly and its importance can’t be understated. The site is easy to navigate and contains everything you need to know about safety regulations in any industry. You can look up data and statistics, file a complaint, and even check out a huge library of useful videos. In most cases, OSHA should be the first site you visit if you need help and one that managers should peruse whenever they have a free moment.


    Given the world we live in today, the CDC is now a site that all businesses should consult regularly. It’s the best place to get updates about the ongoing pandemic and other health concerns that could force companies to adjust health and safety protocols. It’s a site that can help companies stay on top of the ongoing pandemic and be prepared for the unexpected.


    The International Organization for Standardization is a great resource, specifically ISO 45001. As the site itself says, ISO 45001 is intended for companies that want to reduce workplace risks and create a safer environment for workers. This health & safety website keeps up with important news and has a catalog of information related to dozens of industries, so every business should be able to find something useful on it.

    EHS Today

    EHS Today focuses on everything from safety to risk management to training to leadership. There are useful articles, webinars, and updates on current news stories that are important for businesses in all industries to track. If you take a look around, there’s a good chance you’ll find something useful. It’s also a site that you should check daily to see if there’s anything new that could prove useful to safety at your company.

    EHS Insight

    EHS Insight provides regular content on the ever-changing workplace safety landscape. There are new articles posted frequently, so there’s always new material that managers, supervisors, and specialists might find useful. EHS Insight aims to remind companies that the well-being of real people is on the line with every safety decision that’s made. There are a lot of free resources worth checking out and information that you may find beneficial to help improve your safety culture.

    Monitor and Management Software

    Many companies look to EHS software to help them stay on top of everything related to health and safety. That’s why we offer software that can help oversee every aspect of safety at your company so that nothing slips through the cracks. Your business will be better able to track compliance, safety meetings, accidents, and potential hazards, all while saving time and money in the long run.

    If you think your company is a good candidate for extra help in the health and safety department, contact us and we’ll go over your concerns and all the ways we can help.

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