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    November 16, 2020

    Health & Safety Blogs: A Great Way to Inform Employees

    It can be a real challenge to keep employees informed of important workplace safety topics in a way that’s interesting and informative. Health and safety blogs are a great way to provide employees with information that they need to know in a way that is interesting, informative, and engaging.

    Whether you produce your health and safety blogs in-house or contract the content to an outside vendor where you can tailor it to your needs prior to sending it out to your employees, creating health and safety blogs offers several benefits.

    Build a Library of Safety Topics

    When you begin health and safety blogs, it can be hard to see how much they’ll grow. Bu within a short time, you’ll have a large archive of topics related to workplace health and safety that’s specific to your organization.

    When your blog posts are properly tagged and organized, it will be convenient to refer employees to past blog posts when sharing health and safety-related content or making workplace safety announcements. New hires can also be provided with a list of “best of” blog posts to bring them up to speed on workplace safety topics that are directly relevant to your organization as a whole and the department they’re assigned to in particular.

    Develop High-Interest Content

    When emails are sent out to all employees about health and safety topics, it’s easy for people to skip reading them. Time is valuable and it may not always be clear how a topic relates to someone’s day-to-day job responsibilities. When you have highly engaging content to share, it’s more likely that your health and safety blogs will build up a following. Using a strong voice, relatable examples, and a conversational writing style can improve employees’ appreciation and engagement with blog posts.

    Make It Personal

    If you’re able to include employees’ accomplishments and first-person accounts as they relate to health and safety topics, you may increase your blogs’ readership and reader engagement. Showcasing how adhering to workplace safety policies and procedures works through employees’ own experiences can effectively demonstrate the value of these practices. Consider including profiles, interviews, and best practices among fellow employees in building your blogs’ content.

    Communication Is Consistent

    One of the most important parts of delivering workplace safety information to workers is being consistent in communication. With health and safety blogs, you can develop a regular publication schedule that employees will learn to expect, whether that’s once a week or more frequently.

    Building content around themes can reinforce main ideas, and regular messaging can instill a sense of how seriously a company takes health and safety topics, which can support employees’ efforts to take health and safety topics seriously on the front lines of your company. These efforts can also improve employee morale; when employees know that their employer takes their well-being seriously, they may feel more valued at work and be more likely to give 100%.

    In closing

    Health and safety blogs are useful tools that provide several benefits to companies seeking to keep employees well-informed of workplace health and safety topics. Building a blog makes it possible to deliver engaging and consistent messaging. It also shows employees how seriously a company takes health and safety topics, which can support morale while also encouraging front-line staff to take health and safety seriously, too.

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