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    May 20, 2016

    How You Can Benefit from Incident Reporting Software

    An effective environmental, health and safety (EHS) program is necessary to prevent incidents in the workplace. As mentioned in WorkSafeBC, incident investigations may be initiated by a number of parties, including employers, workplace health and safety committee members and worker representatives. With incident reporting software, organizations can efficiently manage compliance and their overall EHS program.

    Incident reporting in the workplace is an important and mandatory function of safety and compliance in human resources and EHS management. While the paperwork may seem daunting, there are incident reporting software solutions available, which can provide comprehensive records of historical incidents as well as template forms to ensure that all the necessary data goes on record.

    Examples of incidents which will require investigation and reporting in the workplace include injury necessitating medical treatment, chemical or other hazardous spills, an injury (a slip and fall, head injury, or other types of accidents), death, flood, fire, building collapse, and common everyday incidents. Most web-based EHS software programs will guide the user through the process of reporting via tutorials and wizards so that nothing is missed.

    The benefits of incident reporting software are numerous. It is easy to fill in and provides a neat, user friendly dashboard of a company's incidents. This type of software can be used as a prevention tool. For example, reports can be generated from within the incident reporting software so that related incident and investigation data may be gathered into lists and other easy to review blocks of data. This can provide a better overview of which parties typically become involved in workplace incidents and accidents, as well as which machinery or scenarios seem to attract the highest numbers of incidents.

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