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    April 15, 2021

    Important Reasons Your Company Needs EHS Data Management Software

    As the saying goes, knowledge is power. The more you know, the better off you’ll be. Obviously, this can apply to many things, but it’s particularly relevant when it comes to occupational health and safety. The more information a company collects about workplace safety, the better positioned it’ll be to make smart decisions about safety.

    This is where EHS data management software can be a critical part of occupational safety program. Let’s take a closer look at why companies need EHS data management software and how it can help them.

    Every Piece of Data Matters

    When it comes to workplace safety, every piece of information matters, no matter how big or small. This is where EHS data management software comes in handy. It’s critical to keep a record of every piece of information related to environmental settings, training sessions, occupational hazards, workplace accidents, and more.

    With the right software, collecting that information becomes a lot easier since employees won’t have to spend time filling out paperwork. Data management software can also keep things organized so that data can be accessed when required. More information leads to informed decisions, which are critical when dealing with the health and safety of employees.

    Collect Data for Compliance

    Regulatory compliance should always be on the mind of company leaders. OSHA violations can lead to hefty fines, not to mention time-consuming investigations and a threat to a company’s reputation. If there’s any way to make it easier to keep up with changing regulations, a business should look into it, and EHS data management software can be one possible solution.

    The best software solutions will incorporate OSHA regulations into the system so that there are no surprises with regard to compliance. In the event of an OSHA investigation, the more information about workplace health and safety that you have to share, the smoother everything will be. The data in your EHS software could potentially reduce the length of the investigation or even prevent a fine.

    Increase Accountability

    A huge part of workplace safety is holding people accountable. Ultimately, every employee is responsible for helping keep themselves and everyone else safe. With the right EHS data management software, and in some cases, utilization management software, accountability becomes much easier. Safety management systems will be able to track what employees have gone through certain training sessions and who might have been involved in an accident. If something were to go wrong, having an extensive amount of data in the system can make it easier to find shortcomings and get to the bottom of who should be held responsible for a mistake.

    Make Everything Mobile

    Companies nowadays need to keep up with the times, and that means using mobile technology. With the right EHS data management software, employees will be able to access the company’s safety system on their mobile devices.

    This allows them to access files and documents, communicate with supervisors, or log observations on workplace hazards as quickly as possible. The sooner that information is entered into the system, the better off everyone will be. As we said, the more information, the better. Of course, the same can be said of having that information as soon as possible, which is possible with data management software that has a mobile app.

    Get the Right Software Tools

    The right data management system can make all the difference for companies when it comes to safety. At EHS Insight, our safety solutions cover all of the bases with regard to employee training, workplace hazards, and regulatory compliance. Our system is set up to collect as much data as possible so that you can make the kind of decisions that will keep your workers safe.

    If you’re interested in a more comprehensive approach to occupational safety, let’s have a conversation about how our software can make that happen.

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