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    March 10, 2017

    Where to Begin with EHS Reporting

    A company that masters the art of EHS reporting can prevent future safety incidents. To create reports that lead to actionable insight, you’ll need to track lots of data and create a culture that encourages proactive safety measures at all levels of the organization. 

    What EHS Reporting Can Do for You

    A robust safety management system can help you in a myriad of ways. Due to the faster-than-ever advances in computing technology, we now have the capacity to crunch more data than ever before.

    But are you collecting the right data at the right time and in the right sectors of your organization? A mature safety management system that’s tailored for your industry can help you with answers to all these questions.

    Once you’re collecting the proper data, there’s no end to the benefits that become possible. New doors open up in the areas of:

    How to Start a Reporting Initiative

    The absolute best scenario for successful and fruitful EHS reporting is when management and the workforce are all on the same page when it comes to safety culture.

    For example, employees should never feel that reporting a near miss would result in retaliation. Promoting safety means encouraging everyone to participate in supplying safety data that will feed your reports. Once you’ve put a system in place for collecting data, you’ll need to then make sure that system also provides you with the means to producing easily digestible reports. Without the means to proper analysis, all that data becomes just a collection of numbers.

    Using data is just one of many ways teams can improve their culture of safety. Download our eBook to learn more about building a strong workplace culture.


    The Role of EHS Software in the Reporting Process

    EHS software that helps employees report on near misses and other safety topics can actually increase the frequency of submissions. When there’s a clear and convenient system for reporting their observations, backed up by a consistent schedule of training and a strong safety culture, there’s no end to the improvements you might see.

    A good EHS software package that’s designed for your industry and customized for your company makes this possibleand more.

    Embracing powerful software that automates many of the EHS processes that used to be done on spreadsheets can help you bring your safety program into the 21st century. Doors will open up for advanced analytics, meaning you can be on your way to more efficiently preventing hazardous conditions for your workers. And when lives are on the line, that’s job #1.

    Are you ready to automate your EHS reporting? Request your free trial of EHS Insight today.

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