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    March 25, 2019

    The Importance of CPR Training in the Workplace

    Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. What makes these more dangerous is that they come at the most unexpected occasions and unless there is someone around with the proper knowledge to provide immediate medical attention, the person in trouble, could end up getting deeper into it. This is just one of the reasons why companies should invest time and money in preparing their employees for the worst case scenarios.

    One of the base emergency training that companies should provide its employees is cardiopulmonary resuscitation, better known as CPR. It is an emergency procedure that uses chest compressions and artificial ventilation to help a person suffering from cardiac arrest recover. Looking at it, CPR seems rather simple and straightforward. However, there’s a reason why professionals are put to the task of teaching how to properly do it.

    Here are some reasons why CPR training is important in the workplace.

    It Saves Lives

    This is perhaps the biggest benefit of giving employees proper CPR training. Cardiac arrests are a matter of life and death. The fate of the worker suffering from a health concern will depend on the steps taken seconds after he gets into trouble. According to recent data, 90% of people who suffer from cardiac arrest die before they reach a hospital or medical care facility.

    CPR is intended to keep the patient’s organ systems and blood circulation regular while they are yet to be examined by a medical professional. Having an employee die in the workplace can lower the morale of everyone else in the office. The rest of the team will also feel disappointed in themselves knowing that they could’ve done something to prevent their co-worker’s condition from getting worse.

    Equip Employees with Something They Can Use Anywhere

    The CPR and first aid training the employees will receive isn’t exclusive to the office they are working at. The techniques they learn can be used just about anywhere. Employers should feel proud and happy knowing that their workers are capable of helping others around them in times of emergency.

    It Lessens the Worries of People In the Workplace

    Employees who are constantly bothered by potential health risks and accidents in the workplace will be unable to do their work properly. Instead of focusing more on the task at hand, they are left worrying about what could happen if they suddenly fell ill. This can greatly change if they know that the people they are working with are knowledgeable in CPR.

    This sense of relief knowing that they can get through cardiac arrests easier with the help of their co-workers provides benefits of its own. As the workers are able to concentrate on their jobs more, they are able to work better and faster as well.

    Reduces Workplace Accidents

    Looking at it long-term, CPR and first aid training also provide employees with the knowledge to avoid accidents in the workplace. Part of the training phase teaches them about the impact of cardiac arrests and certain accidents on their bodies. Thus, they will take the extra effort to assure that these incidences will never happen again.

    Reduces the Recovery Time of Patients

    Even if the employee who suffered from a cardiac arrest makes it to the hospital in time, there is a strong chance that they will take a long time to recover. Aside from saving lives, CPR also lessens the impact of cardiac arrests on the patient. The longer the patient suffers from the condition, the bigger the toll it takes on their body.

    If the patient receives CPR seconds after the cardiac arrest happens, not only will their life be saved, their body will also suffer less. This basically means the patient will pay less on medical bills and they can get back to working as soon as they can. Of course, since the patient's heart is saved from taking too much damage, the chances of the cardiac arrest recurring is minimalized too.

    Shows Employees That the Company Cares for Them

    People are motivated to work for a company that consistently shows that it is concerned for the people under its roof. Incorporating CPR training in your company's safety culture can help increase employee morale. Providing employees with CPR and first aid training is just one of the many ways a company can show that it cares for the health and well-being of its employees. As workers feel more motivated, they are able to work better.

    These types of training are just as, if not more important than seminars that tackle matters regarding the company’s industry. It has been proven time and time again that CPR is effective and it can save lives. Companies should not wait for their employees to suffer from cardiac arrest before they provide CPR and first aid training. It is a must for all companies.

    Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist for EMC CPR & Safety Training LLC. She regularly produces content for a variety of health and safety blogs.