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    August 17, 2017

    The Importance of Recording Workplace Incidents and Hazards

    While documenting every incident and hazard that occurs in your organization can be time-consuming and complicated, recording these events can be your most effective solution for EHS improvement.

    Take a look at these three key benefits of using safety software to record your safety-related incidents and hazards:

    #1 – You can easily identify problem areas and repeat occurrences.

    Keeping track of your incidents and other EHS-related activities in one central hub can act as your second brain and another set of eyes.

    Using safety software to record and track incidents and other activities helps you develop insights into problem areas and frequent occurrences. By understanding which areas are prone to incidents, you are better positioned to focus on developing a solution to fix those areas.

    #2 – It ensures you adhere to OSHA regulations and corporate policy.

    Remaining compliant with OSHA requirements is essential to your company’s health and safety strategy. Using automation, like OSHA reporting software, to record details about each incident can help managers determine if company and OSHA policies were followed. In addition, incident recording features can offer guidelines to the user to ensure those involved adhere to the correct procedures.

    #3 – It holds your team accountable.

    When you document incidents and events in detail, there’s less chance of confusion should questions arise regarding the occurrence. Health and safety managers can discover exactly what was done to remedy issues or how an incident was handled. As a result, they can hold their team to higher accountability by providing concrete evidence about particular events or incidents.

    It’s easy to forget minor details when you’re managing various functions of your department. In addition, you can’t be everywhere at once, which means you can’t see every safety-related incident at once. Recording events as they happen can prevent details from slipping through the cracks and help you develop deeper insights that can make a real difference in your safety program.

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