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    July 22, 2016

    The Smart, Highly Effective Way to Boost Employee Motivation

    Keeping employees motivated is always a challenge for leaders in any industry. Add to the mix an element of occupational danger and motivation is even tougher to maintain.

    That's because when employees feel insecure about their health and safety or even just about operating equipment, morale can take a nose dive. The solution? Impeccable safety measures and best practices put into place all around.

    A Safe Environment Is One Key to Motivated Employees

    When work is risky, either because heavy equipment or hazardous materials are present, it's important to create a safety culture that lets employees know someone is watching their back. The best way to do that is to make sure their safety training program is top notch, impeccably executed, and airtight as far as usability, relevance, and effectiveness are concerned. Training tracking software can help with this initiative. 

    Safety Training: Take It Seriously

    Of course you're bound by legal and social obligations that mandate safety protocols for the workplace. But if your safety training is designed with even larger goals in mind, it can actually improve morale by creating a supportive culture in the workplace: one that's worker-centered and which reduces risk in all the key areas.

    Done right, safety training can empower your employees. It gives them the tools and knowledge they need to become the best they can be at their jobs. As a result, you'll witness winning scenarios such as:

    • Improved productivity
    • Enhanced commitment to the team
    • Increased capability of individual employees
    • Increased confidence

    All of the above improvements lead to a happier, healthier workforce, which in turn leads to lots of other desirable outcomes like reduced costs, improved reputation, and increased brand value--all of which do great things for your image with stakeholders, too!

    From promoting team building to improving productivity, a stellar safety training program can deliver all sorts of enticing benefits for an EHS leader. For departments that rely on their workers to perform risky jobs, motivation is key.

    The best thing you can do is reassure your employees that you stand behind them at every turn, by acknowledging their risks, training them to avoid those risks, and supporting them in every possible way with a great safety training program. 

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