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    September 15, 2017

    3 Takeaways from CenterPoint Energy’s Sustainability Report

    Utility corporations have responsibilities that extend beyond the products and services they provide. Not only do consumers and employees need to be able to trust the quality standards of their power sources, but also the means of how providing these things are made possible.

    When it comes to maintaining a high level of integrity in responsible EHS operations for utility companies, CenterPoint Energy leads the pack. Take a look at three key takeaways from its latest sustainability report.

    A Strong Safety Culture Always Leads

    CenterPoint Energy takes its safety culture seriously, offering a variety of programs that help each employee understand his or her job’s impact on the company and surrounding community.

    The company prioritizes regular safety meetings, training, and summits, and encourages knowledge sharing and continuous improvement. Safety observations serve as the first line of defense, having recorded more than 124,000 observations in its gas and electric divisions in 2016. By placing safety as the top company value, CenterPoint Energy recorded a 5% decrease in OSHA recordable and Days Away, and a 12% decrease in preventable vehicle collisions.

    Our Takeaway: Through studious efforts, CenterPoint Energy is leveraging recorded observations and ongoing knowledge sharing to strengthen its safety culture from within. One way other utility companies can follow suit is by combining these actions in a single platform that employees of all levels can access and add to.

    Ongoing Employee Communication Is Crucial to Success

    CenterPoint Energy’s recent employee engagement survey indicated that 98% of employees recognize their responsibility to report safety violations. In addition, 95% of those surveyed in regular roundtable discussions are already familiar with the resources that allow them to report these violations.

    Our Takeaway: It’s important to realize that it’s not enough to offer resources and tools, such as EHS management software, for employees to report hazards or incidents. Companies must also continually promote their existence and help employees learn how to use them appropriately.

    There Is Strength in Consistency

    CenterPoint Energy’s report specifically recognizes a consistent approach to risk management, regardless of the level of the company. The company's frequent risk assessment, combined with assigned risk and risk mitigation ownership, have allowed it to drive accountability and maintain its risk transparency.

    Our Takeaway: Having a single organized system, such as safety risk management software, that can be utilized throughout all levels of the company increases transparency into risk levels and can ensure consistency in all risk-related activities.

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