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5 Ideas for Promoting a Culture of Safety at Work

Posted by EHS Insight Staff on November 17, 2016 at 9:57 AM

When it comes to cultivating a culture of safety at work, the right training procedures can make all the difference in the world. 

Safety tools come in all shapes and sizes. Here are five techniques to help your team adopt a responsible attitude so safety becomes ingrained in your company culture.

1. Practice “Good Housekeeping”

Workplace safety is greatly affected by the tidiness of the work environment. From workplace ergonomics to literal tidiness, workers can be made aware of “good housekeeping” practices through a well-planned campaign. Use posters, meetings, and/or social media and emails to reinforce the overall campaign.

2. Perform Regular Job Safety Analysis

A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a breakdown of every step involved in completing a particular task, along with the hazards that are present during each step. Finally, the actions your employees can take to mitigate those hazards can reduce incidents and improve overall safety.

3. Schedule “Toolbox Talks”

Toolbox talks are casual gatherings that focus on one small aspect of safety. They are very specific talks, and are often led by an employee. These are not long meetings, but rather 15-minute gatherings so everyone can bone up on particular safety issues you’d like to point out.

4. Rally the Troops Around PPE for a Month

The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in use at your company is necessary when hazards just can’t be removed or avoided. Make sure everyone remembers the protocol for their PPE: what to use and when, plus proper maintenance.

5. Don’t Leave Your Contractors Out of the Conversation

Contractors who perform their work at your job sites are part of your safety culture, too. Everything that applies to your regular employees can be applied to your contractors as well, when it comes to safety.


With all five of these techniques, you’ll want to apply creativity, patience and an open mind when it comes to getting the safety message across. Remember: cultivating a safety culture at work is a lot like growing a garden: it takes time, consistent effort and all the right conditions in place for growth.

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