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    January 23, 2017

    EHS Software: The Future of Your Maritime Operations

    From  workplace inspections to pollution catastrophes, EHS software helps you stay abreast of past, current and future maritime operations. 

    These days, if you’re not using modern EHS management software, you’re not performing at peak levels. Critical maritime systems require complex and rigorous management, and manual processes just won’t cut it any longer. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

    EHS Management Software Makes Your Company More Agile

    Let’s face it: when your data is easily entered in the field, quickly retrievable and simple to use, you can make faster decisions. That allows you to respond efficiently to a long list of challenges: incidents, unsafe behavior, hazardous conditions and unmet regulatory obligations.

    Integrated Management of All EHS Functions

    Bringing together data points that have never been integrated means your levels of insight on your EHS performance will skyrocket. Now, for example, data from incident reports can be combined with data from self-assessments, planned maintenance and safety training scheduling for the most robust, comprehensive reporting you’ve ever completed.

    Plus, measuring the impact of your sustainability programs has never been easier. When everything is integrated into a single software system, it’s all there for easy, fast reporting and deeper insight. Nothing slips through the cracks.

    Safer, More Reliable Ship Operations

    When processes such as audit management, risk assessments, incident reporting, and self-assessments are managed under “one roof” with EHS software tailored to your industry, improved safety is in the bag. Safer operations mean your company can deliver more reliably, more of the time.

    Better Training Management

    Finally, with an eye to the future, a good software package allows you to improve all of your employee training programs (see training tracking software). When maritime regulatory requirements are coded into the package, tracking and training suddenly become so much easier.

    Get a birds’-eye view with EHS software for the maritime operations industry, where each module covers exactly what you need. Ready to find out how we can serve your maritime organization? Get a free trial today.

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