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    November 14, 2017

    How Can Software Streamline EHS Programs for Packaging Companies?

    Business moves fast in the packaging industry, and your EHS program should stay a few steps ahead. From compliance and audits to employee safety and EHS documentation, it only takes one overlooked detail to bring your entire operations to a grinding halt.

    Many EHS managers and leaders who find it difficult to be everywhere at once are finding solace in comprehensive software. On-the-go mobile access, automation, collaboration, and training opportunities help keep safety and sustainability at the forefront of daily operations.

    Take a look at how packaging companies are streamlining their health and safety programs with EHS software solutions.

    Incident Management

    If your facility incurs an incident, you likely have forms to fill out. Perhaps those forms need to be electronically transcribed into a system, while the originals go into a file, never to be seen again unless you need them. Sure, doing it this way meets requirements, but it’s far from efficient or effective.

    EHS managers using incident management software can manage and monitor incidents on-the-go, eliminating the need for double entry and providing access to incident data at any time. As an added bonus, they can access all incidents from a single system, as well as relevant data that may help avoid future incidents. It also makes it easier to detect patterns in incidents to see where you can strengthen prevention efforts.

    Employee Training

    Your EHS programs’ success relies on informed employees, and training tracking software helps ensure they’re up-to-speed on training. Managing all training-related activities from a central platform tells you at-a-glance who’s completed training, so you know where to direct your focus.

    Permit Tracking

    Packaging companies often need multiple permits at any given time, and expiration dates can easily sneak up on you. EHS software solutions can streamline permit management to keep you legal: just put in your information, and get a reminder when it’s time to renew. You’ll also know at all times who is covered by each permit to keep your team members safe.

    In Closing

    For packaging companies, a large part of your success depends squarely on the strength of your EHS program. Think about it: one missed audit, safety incident, or expired permit could set profits and production schedules back for days—and that could make for some very unhappy clients.

    Learn more about how EHS software can help streamline your health and safety programs.

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