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    September 11, 2020

    Workplace Safety Books for Safety Pros Looking to Up Their Game

    Workplace safety is constantly evolving, and a good safety professional knows that they need to keep up on how the safety landscape develops. One of the best ways to do so is to read professional literature. There are a number of great workplace safety books for safety pros looking to up their game.

    The Manager’s Guide to Workplace Safety

    Written by R. Scott Stricoff and published in 2012, this workplace safety book represents one of the more modern approaches for safety professionals. The obvious focus is for those in management and supervisory roles. Both general and specific guidelines are provided that can help drive better safety at work.

    A Supervisor’s Guide to Safety Leadership

    Published in 2016 and written by Dr. Judy Agnew, focuses on behavioral safety leadership and is again an excellent resource for those in supervisory positions. Dr Agnew’s book is perfect for any manager looking to not just keep their workers safer but to also become a stronger and more effective leader across all aspects of their job description.

    OSHA Field Guide

    Written by Chester Razer, the 2019 edition of the OSHA Field Guide is a must-read for any safety professional. When we talk about how OSHA wrote the book on occupational safety, this is literally the book we’re referring to. It’s the best guide to navigating the sometimes Byzantine nature of OSHA rules and regulations and one you shouldn’t leave home without!

    The Workplace Safety Manual

    Written by Paul E Dillow for Seabreeze Safety Solutions, this 2019 book offers a user-friendly and adaptable workplace safety program that you can use in your own company. Highly customizable and compatible with a number of different industries, this manual can be used by professionals and workers alike in an educational setting.

    The NFPA 70E 2018

    A requirement for any workplace that has to cope with electrical safety, the most current version of the National Fire Protection Association’s set of workplace electrical safety standards is an important tool for construction supervisors or managers of electrical installation and maintenance teams. There’s little else that’s potentially more dangerous than electricity, after all!

    Workplace Safety: A Guide for Small and Mid-Sized Companies

    Published in 2006 and written by Dan Hopwood and Steve Thompson, this book might be one of the older entries in our list but it’s still chock-full of important safety tips and guidelines. This one is especially relevant for start-ups and smaller-sized firms and the unique challenges they face due to not having the same massive resources of other, larger companies.


    Written by Lee Shelby, a man who knows firsthand how absolutely crucial workplace safety is, this 2014 book tells the story of Shelby’s life-altering 2004 workplace accident that cost him both his limbs. A visceral, inspiring read, it might be just what you and your workers need to take this whole safety thing a bit more seriously.

    Finding the Best Books for Safety Pros

    These are just some of the most helpful and popular workplace safety books on the market today. As more developments occur within the sector, there will be new and better books for safety pros coming out left and right. It’s up to you to stay ahead of the curve and research the best new developments to keep your workers safe.

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