Business Planning

Define business goals and measure progress.

  • Get immediate visibility into business performance with real-time, comprehensive reports
  • Track performance objectives and progress toward clearly defined goals
  • Drill-down and roll-up capabilities help management see trends across the enterprise
  • Use structured processes to define, agree, and establish meaningful metrics and evaluate results
  • Empower managers to improve future performance by intervening early
Track and report all key metrics to improve outcomes.

Quality Management

Focus management attention on improvable outcomes.

  • Identify and document quality events, such as complaints and nonconformances
  • Apply a risk rating to triage and respond appropriately
  • Facilitate management review of policies and procedures and ensure continuous compliance
  • Automate key processes related to achieving and maintaining ISO 9001 certification
  • Track complaints, ensuring those requiring follow-up are properly managed
Drive continuous improvement across all areas of business.

Key Performance Indicators

Monitor business processes and measure performance toward strategic goals.

  • Increase the visibility of the most important indicators with highly configurable reporting dashboards
  • Use lagging indicators, such as TRIR, to demonstrate a trend in performance over a period of time
  • Include leading indicators that predict future performance based on correlated data points
  • Instantly inform management of changes in trends to facilitate immediate intervention
  • Assemble the complete picture of corporate health in a concise visual format
Dashboards immediately alert management of changes in trends.

Competency and Training

Manage the knowledge and skills of your workforce.

  • Ensure employees are properly trained and competently performing assigned job tasks
  • Decrease the likelihood for costly incidents that can be disastrous to your business
  • Provide a clearly defined training plan with outcomes that can be measured
  • Assess competency against a global skill standard based on a number of criteria
  • Track employee history from time training is requested to completion of training course
 Eliminate waste of time and resources that result from an inefficient training program.