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    October 3, 2023

    EHS Cloud Solutions Improve Program Management and Collaboration

    Software systems and cloud solutions empower organizations to become more effective at managing their EHS programs. EHS professionals are starting to realize this, but it can be challenging to know which system is best for their workplace.

    EHS cloud-based solutions are becoming the most popular choice. They offer an easy-to-use platform that’s highly accessible for multiple users. This drives user engagement up, which helps to improve the company’s overall safety culture.

    When multiple users collaborate on achieving the same safety goals, everybody wins.

    Perhaps the most notable benefits of EHS cloud solutions include:

    Mobile Access

    It’s important for EHS professionals to remain visible at all times. Why be stuck behind a desk when you don’t have to be? With mobile EHS solutions, you can take your work with you, allowing you to report, investigate, inspect, and take action from anywhere using a mobile device. You can identify and record hazards directly from your phone, tablet, or other wireless device—even upload photos for essential audits and inspections. Mobility also allows you to assign and approve different EHS tasks away from your desk.

    Wondering about an internet connection? You can work offline and then sync up whenever a connection becomes available.

    Mobile EHS solutions have become a great way to manage your safety management system on-the-go. It saves you time, and the frustration of having to repeat your work.

    An Affordable Solution

    EHS cloud solutions add value to your EHS program, in more ways than one. First, the solution itself costs less than you think for a comprehensive system. And secondly, the return on investment is well worth it.

    Replacing inefficient paper processes saves a considerable amount of time for you and your fellow employees. An EHS cloud solution enables you to spend more time doing other important tasks—such as interacting with employees and building a positive safety culture.

    Plus, you’ll have access to robust reporting and analysis features, allowing you to conduct analysis on your EHS data to gain actionable insight. With EHS software, you can create charts and graphs that help you identify trends and hazards. Such information will help you focus on the areas that need improvement. These tools and features help to reduce workplace costs. That’s because they work to improve the overall health and safety of your employees. And as incident rates go down, so do your costs.

    An improved safety culture can lead to fewer incidents – which will drive down costs.

    Cloud-Based vs. On-Premise Solutions

    The alternative option to cloud-based solutions are on-premise packages. And while this option might be a step up from the old pen-and-paper systems that many companies are still using today, on-premise packages do have their limitations.

    On-premise packages are installed directly onto the server at the user’s workplace. They require a lot of time, energy, and resources from the company’s IT department. They’ve also been known to be expensive to install, run, and update.

    With cloud-based solutions, you don’t have any of those problems. EHS cloud solutions offer backup and security protections that on-premise packages may not contain. You shouldn’t have to worry about losing important EHS records. Let a secure EHS solution take care of it for you.

    In summary, the benefits of cloud-based solutions include:

    Sign up for a free trial to see how EHS software can help improve your program.

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