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    May 18, 2017

    Oil and Gas Safety: How to Perform Better Audits and Inspections

    It’s unfortunate to say, but oftentimes it takes a severe accident to prompt a change in oil and gas safety procedures. The truth is, safety isn’t simply the lack of incidents. Rather, it’s a daily, ongoing, conscious effort to look for ways to identify potential threats and improve safety practices.

    Regular safety audits and inspections can give your company a boost in safety culture, but only if you are conducting them correctly and efficiently. Lengthy, time-consuming audits don’t always mean better results. Rather, taking a more simplified approach can boost the audit’s overall effectiveness by ensuring your inspection stays on track and focuses on the right tasks.

    Automate Audit and Inspection Tasks

    Automation, in general, has long proved effective in simplifying tasks, cutting manual labor and human error, and speeding up processes. Having the right audit and inspections management software and systems in place can give you a structured, more fluid approach to conducting your safety audits and inspections. It also ensures that no task goes unseen, especially small details that can often become overlooked during a lengthy audit.

    Incorporate Mobile Tools

    Nowadays you can do just about anything from your smartphone, and oil & gas safety audits are no exception. Employing mobile tools and apps to help facilitate your audits and inspections gives you real-time data logging, information retrieval, and immediate feedback.

    House Audit and Inspection Data in One Central Hub

    Keeping important documents, such as checklists, forms, archived data, and OSHA paperwork, in one easy-to-access location can save your EHS team the hassle of locating these materials in a pinch. It also allows for better sharing and retrieval of information across employees and departments.


    Practicing safety in the oil and gas industry is just that – practice. You never completely “master” safety, especially since compliance standards continue to evolve and tools like oil and gas EHS software improve to accommodate those changes. You can always find ways to improve – you simply have to look for them.

    To learn more about what EHS automation can do for your organization, check out Oil & Gas EHS Management Software.